Sunday, July 1, 2012

We Will Go '12 Day 4 Details

Tuesday we were joined by a group of senior adults from Crossgates Baptist Church in Brandon, MS, which is the church we were members of when we lived there in the '90's. It was good seeing a few familiar faces!

I regret I didn't take many photos this day. I was simply too busy to stop! It was a good busy though, since we were helping neighbors find clothes in the clothes shed during their ministry time they call "Hands and Feet". Last year we helped organize the clothes and this year we got to help give them away. So fun! A big part of giving clothing or food is that we also give prayer and encouragement to those who come. The heart of WWG is to not only meet physical needs, but spiritual needs. 

After Hands and Feet, we went to prayer time at Peace House, led by Emily. The Holy Spirit made His presence known and it was a sweet time of resting in Him.

After lunch, we went to Love House to assist with giving canned goods away. Last year we helped organize the food pantry and this year we got to give the food away. We prayed with those who came for food. Unfortunately, the rain kept many away, but we had a pleasant afternoon of visiting with Emily and Lindsey on the front porch.
Nest girls loving on each other at Love House!

Saying goodbye to our new friends

If I had to sum up this year's time at WWG,
I'd say we got to put into practice what we learned last year.
That's one reason I'd encourage anyone considering going, to plan on returning at some point. We got to love, touch, and pray with the neighbors more.
Just keeping it real, but last year there were moments when I felt fear, but not this year.
This year I felt a new boldness. Last year I felt compassion,
but this year I truly felt love for these beautiful people.
Thank You, Lord for maturing me over the last year.
Thank You for the pruning that has brought forth fruit that will last.
Thank You for more opportunities to Love The One and love the one...