Friday, July 29, 2011

I'm Back!

Well, I'm back in the USA!

Still trying to process everything. It's very bittersweet being back. Trying to remember that home is Heaven. Not Mozambique, and not here in TN. I miss everyone and everything in Mozambique, but I'm so happy to be back with my family and church family here.

I am forever changed after all the incredible experiences I had with God while there. I saw so many miracles, so many salvation's, so much poverty, so much hope, so many beautiful children.

These people have basically nothing. No electricity, no running water, so beds, no TV's or computers, no toys, no clothes accept the ones they are wearing, many do not have houses, many do not have families. But they have Jesus. I have never seen anybody so in love with Jesus. They have nothing, yet they worship Jesus better than I've ever seen anyone worship. It was truly humbling.

There is so many stories to share, I could write a book. But I'll keep it short for this post...

I, personally, had several encounters with the Holy Spirit. One particular time was in Pemba during a service with Heidi and Rolland Baker. We had an amazing time of worship and dancing, then Heidi felt like there were several people there who wanted to completely let go of themselves and say YES to whatever God has for them. To become a complete 100% laid down lover of Jesus. Not to care what other people think, or what it might look like doing God's will, but instead, die to myself and lean completely on Jesus. I had always thought that I had been doing this, but after seeing and experiencing Jesus in a whole new way, I realized that I was a very selfish person. I would try to make up my own plans instead of trusting completely in God's plan. So when Heidi spoke this, My heart caught on fire. I was like "I want this"!!! She then said "if anyone wants this, get on your knees and put your hands up and me and Rolland will come around and pray for you." So i did. When Heidi got around to me, she grabbed my hand the Holy Spirit touched me and it was like electricity rushed through my body and i fell on the ground and just cried. As I was laying there, I was letting go of myself and falling on Jesus. Then Rolland came around to me and put his hands on my shoulders and said "MORE LORD!" and i fell down again and cried. Jesus was touching me through Heidi and Rolland. It was such an amazing feeling. A feeling that I want to have ALL the time! Not just in Mozambique, but here too.

That's just one of the many many many amazing things that happened to me while I was there. I hope to share every lat one with you at some point.

Pray that God will show me how to bring all that I experienced and learned while I was there, back here and share it all.
Pray for wisdom about decisions in the future.
Pray that I will stay in this place of becoming a laid down lover of Jesus. Pray that I will NEVER lose this feeling.
Pray that I will be able to go to the Harvest School of Missions in Pemba next summer. If it's God's will. I never thought I would want to do it, but after being there and attending some of the classes, God really spoke to me and told me that I will be going at some point. So pray that that will all work out!

Thank you all for your prayers and support throughout this journey.

This is just the beginning. :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's gonna be a Very Good Day!

We sing a song at church that says
It's a good good good good good good mornin'...
It's gonna be a very good day
'Cause You're a good good good good good good God...
You are a very good God...
Let us remember why we are here today
We're here to sing and we are here to praise
Our God in heaven, so let me hear you say (YEAH!)
He is our King and the Maker of today!

I woke up with that song in my head, because tomorrow morning Brooke, Ed, and Kay will finally be home!  I have missed them so much and can't wait to see them, hug them, and hear their amazing God stories!  I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve, thinking the day will drag so slowly and Christmas morning will never come!  But this morning, God reminded me that strength will rise when we wait on Him.  Where does the strength come from?  His joy!  The joy of the Lord is my strength.  So, I choose to joyfully sing a silly song of praise to Him instead of watching the clock.  Instead of crying about how much I miss my girl, I choose tears of joy as I anticipate her sweet homecoming.  Instead of being Martha wearily going through my to do list of mundane chores and daily activities, I choose to be Mary and remember why I'm here sing and to praise my God in heaven.  Yes, I still have to do the things on my list, but I do them with a song in my heart that says, You are a good good good good good good God for blessing me with a beautiful house to clean and share with others...enough clothes for my family that we have all this laundry that needs to be done...electricity and running water that make that job so much easier...enough food to eat that I have dirty dishes to wash...a good job for my husband, which provides all that our family needs and even some things we don't...friends who stepped in and helped fill the void in Brooke's absence...

I could go on and on and on about how He reveals His goodness to us in so many many ways!  

Riding in a car is one of my least favorite things to do, but as we make our way to Atlanta later tonight, if you happen to pass us on the interstate, you just might catch me making a joyful noise to the Lord and especially as we drive back home tomorrow with a car full of testimonies of God's goodness.

He really is a good good good good good good God!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Your Great Name

Our good friend Krissy Nordhoff co-wrote the beautiful song, recently recorded by Natalie Grant, called Your Great Name.  We have been worshiping with this song at our church for awhile now and it is one of our favorites.  Brooke had the privilege of helping lead worship along with Jonathan, Drew, and Sarah tonight in Maputo.  Krissy was thrilled to hear she had chosen to sing Your Great Name.  

Brooke called to tell me they would be doing this tonight and also said that she and the other young people on the trip shared their testimonies with the youth there last night.  They are used to being taught by adults, so it was a special treat for them to hear from people their own age about what God's doing in their lives. 

Tomorrow before leaving for Johannesburg, then on to the US, the team will visit the garbage dump in Maputo.  Those who live here are the lowest of the low...poorest of the desperate need of desperate need of a Savior...

Lost are saved find their way at the sound of Your Great Name
All condemned feel no shame at the sound of Your Great Name
Every fear has no place at the sound of Your Great Name
The enemy has to leave at the sound of Your Great Name
worthy is the Lamb that was slain for us
Son of God and man
You are high and lifted up 
And all the world will praise Your Great Name
All the weak find their strength at the sound of Your Great Name
Hungry souls receive grace at the sound of Your Great Name
The fatherless find their rest at the sound of Your Great Name
The sick are healed, the dead are raised at the sound of Your Great Name
worthy is the Lamb that was slain for us
Son of God and man
You are high and lifted up 
And all the world will praise Your Great Name
My Healer
Lord Almighty
My Savior
You are my King

I already loved this song, but picturing the people living in the dump gives it a whole new meaning. I pray God will give our team members His deep love for these people and that they will be able to see them through His eyes of love.  I pray our team will shine His light brightly in this dark and dirty place. I pray He will use this experience as the exclamation point on their trip!  Jesus!  Your Great Name is worth it ALL!

To hear Krissy's beautifully powerful song and others just as beautiful and powerful, please visit

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh How He Loves Us!

Both last Saturday and yesterday I have had the honor of putting into practice James 5:13-15
 Is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone happy? Let him sing songs of praise. Is any one of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord.  And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. 

I went with my friends...somehow our group has been dubbed as Salt 'n Peppa...don't ask!  ; )
In both situations the one we prayed for was a friend of a friend.  In the first situation, the one we prayed for knows the Lord. In the second situation we aren't sure whether or not she does.  In both cases, God's love poured out in surprising ways. 

Both times we went to pray with no idea what God would do.  Both times we went with hearts turned to God, seeking His heart for the woman for whom we prayed...armed only with the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of the Lord...not knowing what would happen, but very expectant that something would!

We left both places filled with joy and completely in awe that God Most High chooses to move through imperfect people to pour out His lavish love. 

Is anyone in trouble?  Both of these precious women were in trouble...their spirits were troubled with fear, hopelessness, and sadness.  He should pray.
We stood in the gap and prayed on their behalf. Is anyone happy? We were happy to do what God has called us to do by praying for these dear ones.  Let him sing songs of praise. Krissy sang over each of these women songs straight from The Father's heart, bringing His peace to each one. Is anyone among you sick?  Our friends were sick.  One with an illness that has her completely bedridden, one facing surgery.  He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. Both times we prayed, we all felt faith rise up in us. In both cases, we felt like healing was happening...and not just physical healing, but emotional healing as well. But more important than any healing that took place was that each woman experienced the love of God for her. 

We drove away from both houses, rejoicing at what God had done, and that we got to be along for the ride.  Oh, how He loves us!  Oh, how He loves the women for whom we prayed.  Thank You, Lord for loving them though us.  Thank You for the joy of being able to give away a little piece of Your Kingdom to them. Thank You for allowing us to Love The ONE and love the one.

Friday, July 22, 2011

When I Call on Jesus

I'm thinking of the Nicole C Mullins song that says,
When I call on Jesus,
All things are possible
I can mount on wings like eagles' and soar
When I call on Jesus,
Mountains are gonna fall
'Cause He'll move heaven and earth to come rescue me when I call

Brooke called this afternoon with an urgent prayer request.  They were originally told their flight from Dondo to Maputo would depart at 3:30, but Amy received an email from the airport that the flight had been changed to 9 p.m., so they planned accordingly and showed up in time to board that flight.  The problem was that the airport officials said they hadn't changed their flight and that they'd missed their 3:30 flight, and that there was no room left on the 9 p.m. flight.  I sent out texts and phone calls to some prayer warrior friends and we prayed for seats to miraculously open up, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

She called later, a bit dejected, back at the Dondo base to report that they will try again at 8 in the morning. Please pray for favor, so they can get to Maputo without having to miss another moment of what God's doing there.  Pray that if there is some greater reason they've been detained in Dondo that God would open their eyes to see it. Brooke was frustrated because the airport officials weren't taking responsibility for their error and didn't seem to care whether they served their customers or not.  Every incident that has occurred during the trip has happened at an airport. First the Jackson folks missed their connecting flight in Atlanta, then there were problems with the speakers they were trying to deliver to the ministry.  There was the problem with their bags when they left Pemba for Dondo...

So...I pray that they will indeed get to mount on wings like eagles' (or airplanes!) tomorrow morning and soar to Maputo. I pray that the airport officials will see Jesus in our team.  I pray they will get some rest tonight and be ready to hit the ground running when they finally arrive in Maputo.  Brooke was disappointed that their time in Maputo was being cut short, because of this delay, but I pray that every second of the time they do have there will be filled to overflowing with God's presence, love, and activity.  

I pray the bridge of that song:

Call Him in the morning', in the afternoon time
Late in the evening' He'll be there
When your heart is broken,
And you feel discouraged,
You can just remember that He said
He'll be there


The team leaves Dondo today and heads to Maputo, where they'll stay at the Zimpeto base until the 27th, when they make their long journey back home. 

So, let me introduce you to Zimpeto (via Iris' website)


Zimpeto Children's Centre, located on the northern outskirts of the Mozambique's capital city, Maputo, is home to 300 children, 35 missionaries and 150 full and part-time staff. This Iris Ministries base was the first established in Mozambique by Rolland and Heidi Baker and serves not only the needs of our resident children but also the poorest of the poor from the surrounding areas. "To stop for the one" is the underlying theme of all ministry and activities here at Zimpeto as we seek to worship the Father with the purest of all religious undertakings - ministry to society's most vulnerable. "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27
Zimpeto receives many hundreds of visitors each year from all over the world who join Iris's pastors as they outreach to jails, police stations, street kids and the workers and residents in and around the local garbage dump. Many take advantage of the opportunity to go on overnight outreaches into the bush, sleeping under the stars and ministering to villages far and wide. A highlight of our visitors' time is Zimpeto's lively church services twice a week. Sundays see the flat-bed trucks pull up out the front of church and unload their cargo of hundreds of people eager to worship, pray and dance to the Lord as only Mozambicans can!
Zimpeto visitors also have many opportunities to pray for the sick at the clinic and the local hospital, visit other Iris bases in and around Maputo, attend the weekly youth service in the city and spend quality time giving into the lives of the children of Zimpeto. They take the kids on outings, go for walks to the local pool and market, or play soccer and do craft with them at the Centre and our kids' lives are enriched in countless ways because of the time spent with them by Zimpeto's many visitors.
It costs nothing to visit Zimpeto and the rewards will last you a lifetime! For more information about visiting Zimpeto Children's Centre, please


Location Overview of Zimpeto

Children's Centre
Zimpeto Children's Centre was birthed from Rolland and Heidi Baker's vision to take God and His faithful provision to those who needed it most in the world. He has proven Himself faithful in every way through the years and the Centre's long yellow wall and huge Iris logo are now a landmark on the main highway north from Maputo.
Since Zimpeto was established in 1998, many hundreds of children have passed through the gates, some staying for just a few months and others spending their whole childhoods here. The children of Zimpeto range in age from newborn babies to young adults, with many of the young men who have grown up here staying on to oversee dormitories and work for Iris in a variety of capacities.
The reintegration team carries out hundreds of home visits and family meetings every year. Their aim is to reunite children with their families whenever possible if household circumstances improve over time. We celebrate the fact that up to 40 children are able to return to the family home, or to extended family, each year.
Zimpeto's monthly food aid program provides food boxes for many of the poorest households in the area. A newly-established widows' home is meeting the needs of the older members of the community who have no means of support and the machamba, or market garden, grows a variety of fresh produce for use here at Zimpeto and for general sale.
The medical clinic at Zimpeto offers medical care six days a week for our residents and also for the wider community. The baby milk programme and HIV/Aids support and education round out the medical ministry here at Zimpeto.
The 700 -student morning primary school and 600 student afternoon secondary school provides for the educational needs of the Centre's younger residents as well as 500 children who come in from the local community each day. The school's resources continue to expand thanks to the generous donations of Iris supporters worldwide, with a well-equipped library and computer lab opened in the last few years.
The Bible School trains over 100 bible students every year. The students are then sent out either locally or to the bush to pastor and plant churches all over Mozambique. Those who do not become pastors return home to their families and employment more equipped to live as Christians taking a stand for the gospel in Mozambique.
Vocational Training: Many of our young men learn carpentry skills at the newly-equipped carpentry workshop in Maracuene and are equipped with good skills once they leave Zimpeto. Many of the girls learn sewing, making beautiful quality products like aprons, bags and skirts that are available in the Craft Shop in the Visitors' Compound. The Shop has many craft items made by the children: gift cards, framed pictures, sculptures, jewellery and more.

Ministries at Zimpeto

Ministry Opportunities at Zimpeto
Information for Potential Visitors
Benjamin Project The Benjamin Project aims to equip young men with the training and life skills needed to enable them to become independent members of their community. Some attend university, others are studying to finish school or training in trades such as carpentry. There is a trip to Boane from Zimpeto for visitors every third Wednesday.
Bible School Due to the miraculous revival that has been taking place in Mozambique, there has been a great need to equip and train the many pastors and leaders of the churches being planted all over the country. We are blessed to have a Bible School here at Zimpeto and welcome visiting pastors to inquire about possible opportunities to teach in the Bible School during your visit with us.
Bocaria (Garbage Dump) Ministry On Friday, ministry is to the people in and around the Bocaria, including a church service, evangelism, home visitation, prayer ministry and distribution of food. Be prepared to pray and give a short testimony, and perhaps even to preach.
Clinic The Clinic is a certified facility that serves people from the community and the children who reside at Zimpeto. There are opportunities throughout the week to pray for the many people lined up waiting for attention from the medical staff or those attending the Baby Milk Programme.
Hospital Ministry Visits are made to the local hospital twice a week, to pray for and minister to the sick. Visitors will go with a Mozambican pastor.
Khongolote Children's Centre Khongolote is a small children's centre about 30 minutes from Zimpeto. There will be opportunity to play games with the children, pray, possibly preach, and to encourage the workers there. There is a trip to Khongolote every third Wednesday.
Machava Children's Centre This Iris Children's Centre provides a home and school for children aged 5 to 16. There is a Bible College, Church and also a ministry to assist the poor in the surrounding community. This centre has a very different “feel” to Zimpeto, in a rural setting with many fewer children. Well worth a visit!
Outreaches The Revival Team goes out each week to the bush for evangelism and ministry. While some of the revival team outreaches are day trips, most involve overnight stays in the bush. Join in and see a different view of Mozambique and all that God is doing in this amazing nation.
Prayer There are many opportunities to pray at Zimpeto and we encourage all workers and visitors to take part whenever they can! Scheduled prayer times... or schedule your own! You are welcome to pray for the people lined up waiting to be seen at the Clinic each day. Pray with other visitors or go for a prayer-walk around the Centre. Pray with the children while you're playing. Pray with the youth while you're chatting with them on the playground. Pray in the Baby House while the children are playing. Pray with the babies at bed time. On outreach, for the sick, in church... The possibilities are endless!
Resource Room/Library In January 2006 a new library was opened for the children and adults of the Centre in a renovated classroom of the school. It contains mostly Portuguese books, a few English books, some puzzles, and a TV/DVD player to show videos. We welcome your help!
Street Ministry Many of the children from the Centre have come to us via the Street Ministry. A church service with the homeless and local people is scheduled as well as outreach at some of the prisons and police stations in Maputo. Be prepared to share a testimony and pray for people!
Home to 300 children
Nursery for under-one's
Baby House
Bible School
Church - Thursdays and Sundays
Maracuene youth project and church
Outreach and Evangelism - city dump, jails, street kids, police lock-up, local hospital
Overnight outreaches to the bush
“Encounters With God” Discipleship Weekends
Visitors' Ministry providing accommodation, ministry activities and outreaches
Food program - weekly provisions for families in the area
Widows' Home
HIV/AIDS support programme
Baby Milk Programme
Reintegration Programme
Primary School with 700 students
Secondary school with 700 youth
English courses, Library, Computer room
Medical Clinic
Widows house
Special Needs Program
Sewing Room skills training
Carpentry Workshop skills training
Farm Project - skills training, produce grown for sale
Below is a list of the various dorms at Zimpeto housing our 300 kids! Each dorm has an overseeing missionary (dorm parent) and a Mozambican educator/tia in charge of the dorm as well as chefes (younger youth responsible for each room).
Nursery The Nursery cares for up to eight under-one's at a time, our newest and youngest residents. It's a very special place!
Baby House The Baby House accommodates around 30 children aged 1 - 5. Visitors can “borrow” a child from the Baby House for some on-on-one play time. There is also an active, educational preschool programme five mornings a week serving resident kids as well as the children of missionaries here at the Centre.
Vella's Dorm Eight 4 to 6 year old boys live with Vella and a Mozambican tia (dorm assistant). These boys are spending a year or two transitioning either from the Baby House or from the streets and will eventually move to one of the older dorms.
Tracey's Dorm Eight 5-6 year-old boys and girls live-in with Tracey and a Mozambican tia (dorm assistant).
Ros and Steve's Dorm One of the “mini-dorms” here at Zimpeto, Ros and Steve's dorm houses six boys and girls aged from 9 to 12.
Laura's Dorm Around forty 5 to 12 year old boys. Three afternoons a week, Laura splits her dorm into groups for activities. They may play football, play in her yard on playground equipment, do various crafts or bible activities.

Girls' Dorm This dorm is home to 50 girls aged 4 to 18. The dorm parents run bible teaching and discipleship groups each week as well as taking the girls into the community to evangelize and pray for the sick. The sewing programme, training the girls in skills that will assist them late rin life, runs most days and the expertise of visitors is always welcome!
Boys' Dorms Dorm parents and educators in the older boys' dorms run activity programmes each week, including a milk and cookies fellowship time time, discipleship groups and home group.

Visiting Zimpeto

Zimpeto receives around 800 visitors each year who come to spend two to three weeks with the children as well as evangelising to the community, serving practically in areas such as building, sewing and car maintenance, and taking part in the many ministry activities available (below).
Email for more information about how to apply for a visit to Zimpeto. Email us for more information!
To apply for long-term (one year and more) service at Zimpeto, you are not required to have done the Harvest School but generally need to do a short-term visit first. For more information on long-term service,
So as you can see, there will be LOTS of opportunities to love and serve here!  I don't know if they will arrive in time to go to the dump, but I have seen videos of it and heard Heidi's stories of it.  God has done many miracles here with the least of the least of these...I tried to find a very powerful video I've seen of Heidi at the dump with her arms around a man who had once tried to kill her.  Because of God's love expressed through Heidi, this man now preaches at the dump. I couldn't find the video on youtube, but I did find this clip of Heidi describing a vision God gave her about the dump.  Click the link to watch it:
Of course even if they don't arrive in time to go to the dump, there are plenty of other opportunities for God encounters. 
I don't know what ended up happening with their bags, so pray they have everything they need for the remainder of the trip.  Pray for continued rest and focus. Pray for stamina and energy, especially since they will be surrounded by so many children! Pray that this last leg of the journey ends with a great big exclamation point! As amazing as the front end of the trip was, I have a feeling the best is yet to come!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Update from Dondo!

This will be one of those posts, where I don't know if I can type fast enough!  And I'm not concerned about whether or not it reads well or sounds colorful enough.  I just want to get it all down before I forget anything!

BROOKE CALLED this morning!!!!  I've been so hungry to hear form her and was so hoping she'd call today, and SHE DID!!!

The last thing she said before the call ended was to try to remember everything she'd told me, so I could tell everyone, so here goes...

First of all, please pray that they get the rest of their luggage delivered to DONDO, yes they are on the Dondo base!  (See previous posts!)  When they left Pemba, they were told they could only check one bag and take one carry-on and one personal item, so Ed, Kay, and several other team members ended up having to stuff everything into those few bags and leave other bags at Pemba.  Thankfully Brooke was able to roll up one of her bags and stuff it into her other that was drama one with the bags, but drama two came at the stopover in someplace I can't remember...although the bags were fine the way they were from Pemba to that place, the airport officials said they couldn't take their checked bags on to Beira, so they ended up having to grab a change of clothes to throw into their carry-ons and were told they could get their suitcases today, but when someone checked on them, the bags weren't there...SO...pray that they do indeed find them and deliver them TODAY!

If you haven't yet read my post from July 19th titled "Bearing One Another's Burdens", read it now, then continue...

Brooke said leaving Pemba was so hard and she left a piece of her heart there.  She was crying as she spoke...I was able to share with her that God had allowed me to feel what she was feeling, so I could pray effectively.  Wow, He is awesome!

Before leaving Pemba, there was a worship service Tuesday night.  Many of them were onstage, dancing before the Lord in praise.  Brooke, Amy, and her girls ended up staying on stage while Heidi spoke. At one point during the service, Heidi called all those who were ready to lay it all down in total surrender to WHATEVER He called them to do to kneel down with their hands up.  She and Rolland then went around and prayed for each of those people, including Brooke.  She said when Heidi touched her, it was as if electricity went through her!  She fell back and all she could do was weep.  Then Rolland came along and those of you who went with us to VOA last fall will know what I mean when I say, it was definitely a repeat of our HOLY COW moment!!!!!!

Brooke also said that several people (I think mostly Harvest School students) had gotten words or pictures for her involving paths (Rachel had a vision while praying for Brooke before she even left for Africa of her being on a path that ended up at Jesus' tomb...) and through their words, prayers, and visions, Brooke feels like she has an idea what part of her future holds.  I'll let her share that as she feels led.  She could hardly share with me all of this, since she kept crying.  It was apparent that she has encountered God in mighty ways!  Please pray for her as she has decisions to make concerning what's next for her, since she only has one more year of high school left.  Pray that she hears clearly from the Lord and stays on that one path that leads to Him and His resurrection power.

Some fun things she shared with me that she wanted all "her girls" to know were that Justin Bieber is on all the public radios like when they go to restaurants and stores!  She also saw a child with a Jonas Brothers backpack!  
; )

She wanted me to tell Bradley that they ate at a Chinese restaurant (Yes, in Africa) that was called "Yummy Yummy"!  SHe wasn't sure why Bradley was the one who needed to hear that, but she thought of him, which I thought was sweet!

I asked her about Kay's birthday and she said she did give her the blessings we had written down for her, but Kay wanted to read them when she was alone, so she could really take them all in...I also asked about the toy zebra Brooke felt God told her to buy and take.  She hasn't given it away yet, so pray that God shows her exactly what she's supposed to do with it.  

Pray for her camera to be resurrected!  It's almost dead and the charger is in the suitcase, which is still "somewhere out there"...

Pray for Brooke and the Lancaster kids.  They are all having sinus/coldlike symptoms and sore throats.  I'm hoping it's just from all the dirt they inhaled while on the outreach and that some sinu-cleanse will get it all out.  

One other thing she mentioned about Pemba that broke her heart was how many 5 year olds were carrying around babies in slings on their backs.  With no parents, the older siblings take care of their younger siblings, even though they are still babies themselves.  

They went to a worship service in Dondo that reminded her of Carpenter's Kids since there were so many kids there and the service was energetic and kid-friendly.  Afterward they fed hundreds of kids.  She was put on hand-washing duty and said the boys were shoving one another, jostling to GET to wash their hands!  She had to assure them there was plenty of water to go around.  I can't imagine her brothers EVER fighting over who gets to wash their hands first!  ; )

Oh, I almost forgot!  One thing Brooke felt she would end up doing while in Mozambique was to set someone free from evil spirits.  Last night Pastor Mario stopped mid-sentence during his service and said he felt like there was a demonic presence, so he invited all who were manifesting demons to come forward and several people did.  Brooke gravitated toward one woman and since there were others near enough to touch the lady, Brooke and Jennifer stood to the side, extending their hands and praying for her.  This went on for a few minutes and finally Brooke felt authority rise up in her and declared, "It's done in Jesus' Name!".  Instantly the lady got still and quiet!  She then stood up, said something to the leaders, picked up her purse and calmly walked out.  Free!  Hallelujah!!!

Oh gosh, I'm sure I'm probably leaving something out.  She was talking 90 mph! And I had just woken up when she called, so I hope I'm not forgetting something important.  I did ask about Ed & Kay and she said they are great and send their love to everyone.  She said everyone there has fallen in love with these two, which of course comes as no surprise to us!  Kay has been making her "Oh-oh-oh!" sound alot!  ; )  The whole team has laughed alot and just really love one another.

It always comes back to love, doesn't it?  To quote The Beatles, "All you need is love - love...Love is all you need..."
That's one thing Brooke asked us to pray about...that the ways they've learned to love there will stay with them when they come home.  They all want to love well.  I wish I could remember exactly how she put it. It would have been a great quote to end with!

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me through these random thoughts.  Thanks for continuing to pray for our team.  I know Brooke's 90mph report has only skimmed the surface and cannot wait to hear every last detail when they return!  And to see every photo and video footage.  

One more week...
Oh, friends.  Pray for me!

Love you all!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well, I thought I'd correctly surmised that the team was going to Mocuba, but I just saw a post from Jim Taylor saying they had left Pemba (taking a piece of their hearts with them) for Dondo, so let's see what God's doing there...

From Iris website:

Short Summary of Location The vision of the leadership of our center is to see the gospel bring total transformation in the lives of the people we serve. We long to create true disciples who will in turn change their world and the people around them.
“The same good news that came to you is going out all over the world. It is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives, just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard and understood the truth about God's wonderful grace.” Colossians 1:6 (NLT)
FacilitiesBase Operations: Childcare, Bible School, Evangelism, Trade School, Farm Program, Prayer, and Disaster Relief


Iris Dondo, Sofala Province, Central Mozambique
Location Summary
The dominant ethnic group in our area is the Massena people. They speak Sena as their native tongue, but there is no reliable Bible translated into their language yet. We care for 27 children, all boys between the ages of 7-18 who were either orphaned, abandoned, or abused. Our goal is to take these boys from their desperate or dangerous situations, see them physically and emotionally healed and come to know God as their loving Father, and depending on their age either help them find family or give them opportunities for job training so that when they leave they can be independent and responsible adults.
Every 3 months we receive approximately 50-70 students to attend our Bible School. The students are Mozambicans that come from the provinces of Manica, Tete, Zambezia and Sofala. The Bible School is directed by a Mozambican, Pastor Pascoal.
In the past Dondo had an effort to distribute food to thousands of orphans in the villages of our province who were being cared for by Iris church members, but the project was so big it was unrealistic to really sustain the families that had volunteered to help these needy kids. We changed the face of village-based orphan care to being a farm project initiative, where we purchase land for the churches to cultivate and provide food for the orphans. Julie Davis heads up this project, and the churches have been very excited to volunteer their time and provide their help to see these kids cared for.
Once a month we have a food distribution for a number of widows and crippled or blind people in the Dondo area. We have also built a couple houses for the widows who were in the most desperate situations. Our worker Joaquim volunteers to help in this ministry.
We have several different ministries and evangelism efforts out of Dondo. One is the jail ministry, which has been thriving for several years now. It is directed by Lino, a very godly man from our Iris church who was himself saved while in jail, so his testimony is a powerful message of hope for the prisoners. We also like to help released prisoners who were saved through our ministry by sometimes providing temporary work for them on the base while they reestablish their reputations as honest men in the community.
Another ministry we have is to the hospital, going every week with love, prayers, and fruit for the sick. We have seen many healings and salvations in the hospital, even some people with terminal illnesses have been completely healed! Our missionary Becky Hovey initiated and runs this ministry.
There are two kinds of bush evangelism outreaches, one headed up by the church leaders and members and one team made entirely of our kids on the base and is led by Ashlee. It's especially exciting to see our kids taking on leadership roles, leading worship, performing dramas, preaching, praying for the sick, running the sound system, and seeing God use them powerfully. They have truly blessed a number of churches and villages!
We have a goal to start a new trade school on our base for training our boys, Bible students, and eventually members of the community in some practical work skills. We have a building ready to become the workshops; now we just need to lay the plans for how we will run it and find good teachers to come in and help train these young men and women and give them a skill that can help support their futures.


Jon and Carla Reinagel
Base Directors

Jon and Carla got married in May 2007, and after a few months found themselves in Mozambique serving Iris Ministries as short-term missionaries for nine months. During that time they felt God calling them to come back specifically to the Dondo base, where they committed to long-term service in January 2009. While they are in the United States, they make their home in Rolla, Missouri. They had their first child in spring 2010.
Jon went to college planning on being an Aerospace engineer. God had other plans. In his freshman year, Jon got saved and gave his life to God. Jon became obsessed with seeing one person come to Christ - he figured that if he got just one person saved, then he would have done his part to keep Christianity alive. That was back when he thought Christianity was dying. That summer, he counseled at a summer camp, where he ran smack into the power of God to change and transform lives. Eleven out of Jon's fourteen campers gave their lives to God, and Jon began to realize Jesus' power and plans were greater than Jon could have ever guessed. After that, he listened to one too many of God's leadings and found himself on the mission field in the Philippines. While he was there, God asked Jon to give up his future Aerospace career and the girl he was dating at the time. That began Jon's life of following God, no matter how crazy His leadings are. The rest of Jon's time in college was marked by working as a Resident Assistant, leading small groups, organizing prayer watches, and occasionally doing homework. He still primarily considers himself a discipler and there is no where he is happier than sitting down with someone and talking about what God is doing in their life.
Carla grew up in a very missions-focused family--they lived on a Youth With A Mission base in Texas for two years and then her whole family moved to Russia for two more years when she was 9. As long as she can remember she had a heart for taking the good news about Jesus Christ to people around the world. When she graduated from home schooling, she attended Rosedale Bible College in Ohio for two years before embarking on her first mission trip without her family, going to Bangladesh for six months. There she fell in love with the people, the culture, and the opportunities she had daily to share God's love with the people around her. She also had her first experience with teaching English as a second language, which she enjoyed immensely and decided to pursue as a ministry opportunity in long-term mission work. When she got back to the States, she attended the University of Missouri-Rolla for English and Education to take steps toward that goal, and it was providentially where she met Jon, who also felt God calling him into a life of foreign missions. While still going to school she got a job teaching English for international students, and she spent a summer vacation in China doing the same.
Rebecca “Becky” Hovey
Becky joined the Dondo team as a short-term missionary for three months in 2009, and felt God calling her to commit to more. While she was here she initiated and ran the hospital ministry, helped with discipling and loving the kids, and did lots of other random helps on the base. She returned as a long-term missionary in early December 2009, and we are excited to have her back!

Becky comes to Iris from a small town in Southern Ontario, where she has lived for the past several years, since becoming involved in a church internship. She took her first mission's trip to Haiti at the age of 16, and fell in love with overseas mission work at that time. Every school paper and project from that time forward was about third world countries! In 2006 Becky attended a School of Ministry in Toronto, and encountered God in a new way. "God breathed life into my dreams of living my life on the mission field and awakened new life into me, revealing more of who I am. I understood that He was able to use me as I am.” After finishing the School of Ministry and spending time praying for the next step, Becky felt called to take a church internship program in Ontario. "During that time God really dealt with my character and brought some healing that was needed in my life. It prepared me for what God had next." It was in the summer of 2007 that Becky traveled to Mozambique for the first time, to attend the Harvest School of Missions. It was two more years before Becky would return to Mozambique. "I kept trying to return at several different points during the next 2 years, but God had different plans and taught me many needed lessons in trusting Him. It was then that I learned that wherever you are, is a mission field in itself."? ?After finishing a course in teaching English as a second language, an opportunity to help out at Iris's base in Dondo, Mozambique opened up. Dondo quite quickly became 'home', as Becky grew more and more in love with the town, the people and the children. While in Dondo, Becky had the joy of starting a hospital ministry, with weekly visitation. She also enjoyed teaching in the bible school on base, and discipling the children. "More than anything, I love hanging out with the kids, loving on them and playing with them, and getting to know the amazing people of Dondo."?Becky is planning to return to Dondo long-term, early in December, 2009.
Julie used to run the orphan food distribution program, but now she heads up the farming project to help the same kids in a more practical way. Her work takes her out traveling in the bush quite often, and she loves having opportunities to disciple and teach in the remote rural churches. She also heads up the local widow's ministry and has done disaster relief for floods. She has been working in Dondo since November 2006, and is a great blessing to the base.
Julie comes to Iris from her home in Sherbrooke, Quebec. After working five years in the field of daycare, she found herself feeling that there had to be more. While seeking God for the 'more', in 2004 Julie was directed to study at the Toronto Airport School of Ministry. "During my time in Toronto the Lord showed me who I was and am in Him, as well as restoring my dreams and destiny in Him. I returned home transformed! I was now giving away to others the love and sweetness of God that had been poured into me. I was very interested in cross cultural missions but waiting for the Lords leading.
"When I learned of the Iris School of Missions in Pemba, I knew that God was calling me to go to it. I felt led to quit my job, sell what I owned, and be flexible in His hands! In summer 2006 I attended the Pemba training school and found that Iris and I fit together like a glove. I was accepted at the Dondo base, in the Dondo region of the province of Sofala, Mozambique, and moved there November 2006. What a blessing to be able to participate in what God is doing in all the earth. I will be involved mainly with food distribution and with the children's programs in the many church based orphanages in the local villages, discipling teaching and preaching."

Marcia Bisbo Nascimento
Marcia works as a teacher in the Bible school. She is the missionary who has been with Iris Dondo the longest, she arrived December 2004, but now she lives off-base and is starting to help another new mission organization down the road.
Ashlee Cladek-Fletcher
Ashlee has been at Iris Dondo second longest, arriving in 2005. She oversees the majority of responsibility for the kids on base, seeing to their needs and discipling them in their walks with Christ. She also leads the kids' evangelism team, helps with local outreaches like the jail ministry, and teaches in the Bible School as well. She has a heart for encouraging greater unity among the Christians in the Dondo area, and frequently visits other churches and ministries. She plans to leave in January 2010 because her life is undergoing a major transition as she is getting married!
Calli Smith
Calli joined the Dondo team in December 2009. She oversees the kids' area, continuing to disciple, teach, and care for them.

Tatielson and Michelle
Tatielson and Michelle come from Brazil and will be new missionaries in Dondo starting in early December. They felt God calling them to Dondo very strongly and committed to come sight unseen.
So...if this in indeed where they are, prayer needs are really the same, plus it looks like there are different areas they may be serving such as the hospital and jail.  Pray that everything they do is motivated by love. Love must be where service stems from. Being the only sister surrounded by brothers at home, Brooke should be right in her element surrounded by the boys on this base. Pray she will love them like brothers and minister to them, and learn from them as God leads.  Plus I can't help as a momma to ask you to pray for her and the Lancaster girls' protection as they are surrounded by these boys who come from troubled pasts.  Pray for Jon & Marci as they travel back home to their own children, since they weren't able to stay the entire trip, but left for home as the rest of the team headed for Dondo.  Pray that I hear from Brooke soon, so I know for sure where they are!  
Thanks for your prayers, friends!  You are loving The ONE and loving the one by praying.