Saturday, July 16, 2011

Yay! Yay! Yay!!!

That pretty much sums up how I feel right now!  ; )  I went to bed late last night and was planning on sleeping in this morning, but was awakened by my cell phone.  It was Brooke!  After 3 days in the bush with no communication, I was thrilled to wake up early just to hear her voice!

Our connection was bad, but she did share some amazing highlights of their outreach there in the bush.  Just reporting the things Brooke prayed for - not counting other team members, 2 deaf people received hearing!!!  2 headaches went away!!!  2 smoking addicts were delivered!!!  She shared these, then we lost the connection.  I looked at the phone and saw the time was 2:22 p.m. in Mozambique!  Too cool!
PRAISE GOD for these miracles!!!

After a few failed attempts (and many prayers from me telling the phones to work in Jesus' Name!), we were re-connected and she shared that she, Sarah (I think that's who she said), and two Mozambique pastors, who don't speak English, went down the streets to see who they could pray for...interesting, since none of them could understand one another!  But they didn't let this barrier stop them.  She said, they'd stop and pray anyway!  Even if people were rude to them, they didn't let it deter them and still prayed.  Of these folks, they managed to understand enough of one person's story to pray for him to be delivered of alcoholism and when they were done, he felt better and didn't crave it anymore!  PRAISE GOD for this miracle and the other miracles we don't even know about that were released as they prayed for each person along the way.

Other miracles from their last night in the bush (prayed for by team) were blind and partially blind eyes seeing, feet healed, a sick baby healed, and a crooked finger straightened (and YES!  Brooke actually got to see it straighten out!)!!!  PRAISE GOD for these miracles!!!

I'm at a loss for words, except the only one that keeps coming to mind is YAY!!!!!

God moved in POWER and allowed His children to be in on the action through their prayers!  Guess what!  You too are an important part of what happened in the bush as your prayers for our missionaries were lifted to God Most High, Who lavished His love on His kids by healing, delivering, and even straightening!  Oh, how He loves us!  Oh, how good He is to us!  He could simply release His mighty power all by Himself, but He chooses to allow us to be the ones who tell deaf ears to hear, blind eyes to see, addictions delivered, headaches and sick babies healed, hurt feet to walk & run, and even crooked fingers to straighten!  

Thank You, Lord that Brooke and our team are boldly exercising their authority as kids of The King to bring Heaven to the section of the earth called Africa.  Thank You, Lord that they are shining brightly in this dark place.  Thank You that other divine appointments are awaiting them during the remainder of the trip.  You have only just begun!  Keep showing off, Lord!  We give You all the glory!

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