Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bearing One Another's Burdens

Last night I had a meltdown.  I was at a prayer gathering for moms and just couldn't seem to stop crying...you know the yucky kind of crying, where you go through Kleenex after Kleenex and you're trying to do it quietly, so as not to draw attention to yourself...but then you just end up with a big ol' headache instead...yeah, that kind of crying...

It sort of came out of the blue too.  I mean, I'd been fine while we prayed for a friend's knee to heal, but as soon as the focus turned to our children, I lost it.  I assumed I was just missing Brooke...My precious friends were quick to jump to my rescue with encouraging words and powerful prayers.  God used them to bear my burden and lift my spirits and by the time I left, I felt much better...minus the big ol' headache I still had from crying...

This morning as I was praying for Brooke and the team, I realized that today was their last full day in Pemba, since they will be leaving tomorrow for Beira.  Suddenly it dawned on me that perhaps there was more to last night's burst than simply missing my daughter.  Maybe God was allowing me to feel a little of what I'm sure she must be feeling at the thought of having to leave her new-found friends and go to the next place on her journey.  Maybe he allowed me to feel some of her heartache, so I'd better know how to pray for her...I suppose I won't know for sure until I get to talk to her next, but I did find myself praying that Jesus would lift her spirits as He did mine last night.  I asked Him to give her a glimpse of what's next .  As amazing as the trip has been so far, I have a feeling the best is yet to come.  I know it will be hard saying goodbye, but I'm praying joy will overshadow the sorrow and anticipation will overcome trepidation.  

I'm thankful I had the opportunity to bear her burden and that my friends were there to bear mine.  Bearing one another's burdens is a sure way to Love The ONE and love the one.

Safe travel from Pemba to Beira
Continued good health for all team members
That God will brand their hearts with all they have experienced the past week, so they never forget
A sense of excitement about what He has in store for this next leg of the journey

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