Saturday, February 23, 2013

Brooke update 2/19/13

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Lost & Found

Our church family has been experiencing lots of lost and found miracles lately.

One man lost his camera at a father/son retreat. It held all the photo memories of a great time together, so he prayed that God would return it. Weeks went by with no word, then out-of-the-blue, he received a call that it had been found! 

Meanwhile, my son lost his brand new baseball glove, so our friend prayed for God to do it again. Weeks went by and his glove was returned to him! 

I took my son and his friends to a movie and ran into one of my students in the lobby. She was distressed, because she couldn't find her purity ring. I helped her retrace her steps, praying the whole time that God would return it. She turned in her name to the movie employees in case someone turned it in, but her dad wasn't very hopeful that someone would be that honest. Before parting ways, I told her I wasn't going to stop praying until she found it. I texted her mom the next day to see if she'd ever found it and she said YES! Someone had turned it in at the concession stand! 

A woman from church lost her purse and it was miraculously returned, then another man from church lost his wallet. We prayed for it to be returned and it miraculously was! 

This week an Iris missionary who lives in Pemba, Mozambique was visiting us here in Tennessee. He stayed the first couple nights with us then moved on to someone else's house. I received a message from him that he'd lost his wallet. I looked here, but couldn't find it, so assured him we'd pray for God to do it again. I texted the guy from church whose wallet had been returned and asked him to pray for the missionary to find his wallet. He assured me he would. That night we were at our Friday night Nest service and he voiced a prayer aloud for the wallet to be found. The instant he said "Amen", my phone buzzed with a message that the missing wallet had been found in a place he'd looked multiple times! It was so fun to be able to share that good news right away, so we could all rejoice together over what God had done!

As much as it thrilled us to hear each of these testimonies of lost things found, it doesn't come close to the rejoicing in heaven over one lost soul who comes to Jesus. As distressed as we get over material objects we lose, how much more distressed should we be over lost loved ones who are bound for an eternity in hell? As much time as we devote to looking for these lost things, how much more time should we devote to loving lost souls into the Kingdom? 

In each of the stories above, the one who received the miracle said, "Do it again, Lord" and someone else received a miracle through their testimony and prayers. If we have received the miracle of salvation ourselves, let's say "Do it again, Lord" for a lost loved one. Let's help them be found by loving The One and loving the one...