Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Unexpected

This morning I put the finishing touches on a lesson I was writing for children's Sunday School at my church.  We've been in a series on Hebrews 11 called "Faith Heroes" and this week's lesson is on Joshua, the walls of Jericho, and Rahab.  The emphasis is on how God uses unlikely people in unexpected ways.  Little did I know how prophetic that lesson would be...
I received an unexpected message this afternoon from a friend who I don't get to see much of any more.  Melody and I just don't seem to travel in the same circles any more, yet she had heard about Brooke's mission trip and wanted to help.  She sells Mary Kay Cosmetics and has offered to give Brooke 25% of proceeds for all orders placed in her name this weekend!  WOW!!!  Here's the link if you want to help in this way.  Just put Brooke's name in the message portion of the order.
In order for it to help Brooke, you must place your order between Saturday (4/30) at 6:00 a.m. and Sunday (5/1) at midnight.

Plane tickets were officially booked yesterday, so this is perfect timing!
I got right on the ball making evites to send to almost everyone on my email address list and post on facebook.
I just love how the body of Christ works!  Melody and I may not get to see each other much these days, but there is still unity in spirit.  She and her family have served as overseas missionaries, so missions are near and dear to her heart.  We are beyond thankful to her for thinking of Brooke and for coming up with such a great plan!  I mean, shoppers don't even have to leave the comfort of their homes and with Mother's Day, graduation, teacher gifts, etc. around the corner, what a wonderful gift make-up would be!

Once again God is showing us He is Provider and He uses unlikely people in unexpected ways to accomplish His purposes.

Thanks, Melody for loving The One and loving the one...

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