Friday, February 25, 2011

A Mother's Prayers

As I am blessed to have a front row seat to all God is doing in Brooke's life, it occurs to me that I am an eyewitness to the power of so many prayers lifted up from this mother's heart on her behalf.  Not that I take any credit, mind you...ALL glory goes to God where it's due.  It's just that I am so honored to have the blessed privilege of being able to boldly approach The Throne and offer a pleasing aroma to the Lord as I intercede for my children.  I have learned through the years that some of the most powerful prayers are those which don't contain my own words at all, but those where I'm simply praying God's words right back to Him...scripture prayers...after all, He tells us in His Word that our only offensive weapon against the enemy is the sword of the spirit, which is the Word of God.

My sweet and wise prayer warrior friend, Rachel wrote a precious book called Mom's Prayer Journal which has been an indispensable tool as I pray for my children.  I highly recommend it and although Mother's Day is still a couple months away, you might consider ordering it for yourself or any moms in your life.  I can think of no greater gift to give our children than the gift of praying for them.  What joy when we see the fruit of those prayers!

Prayer - a beautiful way to love The One to whom we pray and love the one for whom we pray.

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