Monday, June 4, 2012


Brooke is returning to Mozambique in 3 days.
Today we have been wrapping up and carefully packing a hodge podge of items for her to take to dearly loved missionaries serving there. 
One, an artist, teaches widows and abandoned women to make jewelry, which they sell to support themselves and their children...which means they don't have to sell themselves...
Jewelry-making requires the proper equipment...some of which seems strange, 'til you realize it is being used to cut coconuts and such. You see, the idea is to teach these precious women to utilize the natural resources so readily available to them for their benefit.
Another, a musician, loves to worship and lead others in worship with her special gifts. Her equipment? A violin. This particular violin already has a story, and now it will travel across the globe with Brooke, awaiting its next chapter (or song) to be written.
Still another missionary will be equipped with something very practical - comfy shoes for walking.
Brooke is taking equipment she will need herself...sleeping bag, clothes, toiletries, etc...
While all these material items are certainly useful for the tasks at hand, yesterday Brooke received the most important piece of equipment she will need...she was equipped spiritually with prayer and laying on of hands at both our church and at Iris Nashville. 
God has called each of these missionaries and He always, always equips the called.
Just as Brooke and I have prayed over each piece of equipment we have packed, and have prayed favor over the weight limit on the suitcase, trusting God to get it all there safely, we have prayed over Brooke, trusting God to get her where she needs to be safely.
Just as each piece serves a specific purpose, God has called Brooke to specific purposes on this trip, and for each purpose, He has equipped her. Her most important piece of equipment? She has been clothed with Holy Spirit power! She has received power when the Holy Spirit came upon her and she will go and tell all about Him in Franklin, in Tennessee, in Mozambique, and all around the world!
Loving The One Who equips the called and loving the ones to whom she is called...

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