Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Want to See You...

This morning at church we sang the song Open the Eyes of My Heart...
Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
I want to see You
I want to see You
To see You high and lifted up
Shining in the light of Your glory
Pour out Your power and love
As we sing Holy Holy Holy...
We have a little girl with Downs Syndrome who goes to our church. She loves to worship! And she loves this song in particular. From the first note, she recognized it and excitedly shouted out "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord!" She moved to the center of the room and sang every word of this song at the top of her lungs, occasionally pausing to shout for us to open our eyes!
Usually when I worship, I keep my eyes closed, but for some reason I opened them just as I sang the words "I want to see You".  As soon as I opened them, Natalie looked at me. For a brief moment her eyes were locked with my eyes and I thought, "Here I am singing 'I want to see You' and I AM seeing You, Lord! I am seeing You in the eyes of the least of these...I am seeing You in her pure heart...I am seeing You in the way she worships with abandon...
Natalie is a special girl. Sometimes at church while we are worshiping, she will walk around the room, going from person to person, touching each one, whispering a word or two to each one. I get so excited when I see her coming my way, because I know I'm about to receive a touch from Jesus Himself! 
You should see her minister when we go to the nursing home for our monthly visit after church. She gives love so freely and gently to each person there. And if ever she can't come for some reason, she is deeply missed! Each resident wants to know where the little red-headed girl is!
Natalie is such a beautiful example of Matthew 5:8, Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.
She is pure in heart.
She sees God.
She loves The One.
She loves the one.
And I have seen Jesus in her eyes.

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