Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bosom Friends & Kindred Spirits

One of my favorite literary characters, Anne Shirley described her relationship with Diana as "bosom friends" and "kindred spirits". There are a few folks in my life who I would describe in that way.  One such person is Karen. I'll never forget when we found out we were moving from Mississippi back to Texas.  As excited as I was to be moving back to where our family lived, I was equally sad to be leaving our church and especially my dear friend Karen. The day the decision was made official was a Wednesday and Karen and I had already been crying our eyes out. We went to prayer meeting that night and the pastor spoke on the close friendship of David and Jonathan, calling them kindred spirits.  It was as if he had known all along just what she and I needed to hear that night.  The pastor may not have known, but HE certainly did!  In Ephesians 4:1, Paul describes this type of relationship as having unity in the spirit.  You know, the type of relationship where your hearts are united by your mutual affection for Jesus. Perhaps you have both experienced His presence in similar ways or you have walked a similar faith journey.  Regardless of how much time passes between visits, you just pick up where you left off last.  That's exactly how it is with Karen and me. We are truly kindred spirits.

In previous posts, Brooke and I have mentioned Voice of the Apostles which we attended in October.  It was there that a new friend, Mary quite literally "popped" into our lives!  She is a student with Global School of Supernatural Ministries and God used her to deliver messages to some of us ladies (and one of our men!) which seemed to come straight from The Father's heart.  We sat with mouths gaping open as she spoke words over us which were so on target, we were astonished that she had never met any of us before!  After this amazing encounter, she just kept popping up out of nowhere!  Out of thousands of attendees, God just kept putting us in one another's paths.  All I can do upon remembering this is shake my head in awe of my God and how He works among His children.

As soon as we returned from VOA, we looked up Mary on facebook and have been messaging back and forth ever since.  We were stunned to learn that she had never moved in the Spirit to that degree before!  She spoke with such confidence and authority, we thought surely she must do this sort of thing all the time!  Learning this made the things she said even more amazing!  We were pleasantly surprised in February to receive a package in the mail from her filled with cards for each one of us ladies she had met at VOA.  She had taken each of our names before the Lord and written down what He showed her for each one of us.  The words and pictures He gave her were uncannily accurate for each of us. As we opened these precious "valentines from God" we could feel God's presence surrounding us and His love pour into us.  Beautiful!

We were thrilled to receive a message from Mary that she had chosen to spend her spring break with us! She and another sweet friend, Lisa drove all the way down from upstate NY to spend time with us.  As it has turned out, Lisa (who we now consider OUR friend too) drove back by herself, because God has not yet released Mary to go!  She is staying here with us at least until April 10 and we couldn't be more honored that she is here.  I mean while most people her age would choose the beach for spring break, she chose us!  Wow!  What a blessing to have her here and she has assured us that we are a blessing to her too.  

It "just so happens" that the afternoon we met Mary was also the day Heidi Baker rocked our world with her simple message to Love The ONE and love the one.  Mary lives this out so well and we are honored to have her as a bosom friend and kindred spirit.

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