Monday, March 7, 2011

The Excitement Builds!

This weekend Brooke and I rode with Ed and Kay (the couple from our church going to Mozambique with Brooke) to Jackson, MS to meet with the folks from We Will Go Ministries (see link to right) about the trip.  I rode along, because I couldn't pass up an opportunity to see my dear friend, Karen who lives in Brandon, a suburb of Jackson. David and Amy Lancaster head up We Will Go.  When our family lived in Brandon back in the 90's, we were in the same couple's Sunday School class.  This was back when we were all having babies.  Little did I know way back when that one of my babies would be traveling to another continent with  this amazing couple.  It felt surreal to sit in Peace House (part of We Will Go ministries) Saturday evening and hear David, Amy, and their children tell some of the experiences in Mozambique.  This scripture fits so perfectly what we are now experiencing:  

Isaiah 25:1 NAS

[Song of Praise for God's Favor] O LORD, You are my God ; I will exalt You, I will give thanks to Your name ; For You have worked wonders, Plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness.

Saturday afternoon we visited the House of Prayer in Jackson, where Brooke had the honor of singing on the worship team with Karen's daughters. Sunday we visited a church called Hope Fellowship in Brandon. While there, we were introduced to a lovely young lady named Emily, who has been to Mozambique.  In fact, she attended the Harvest School at Iris Ministries.  She shared some of her miraculous experiences while there, including raising someone from the dead!  Glory to God!  

Needless to say, Brooke, Ed, and Kay are now totally PUMPED about this trip!  I am excited for them and will be holding down the intercessory prayer fort from here the whole time they are gone.  Much still must be attended to here in the next few months as they prepare to leave.

Pray for provision of funds for Ed and Kay's portion of the trip.  Pray for easy access to malaria medication (we had an issue with this when getting Bradley ready for his trip to Malawi a couple years ago). Pray for rest and no stress for all.  Pray God's continued blessings and favor on We Will Go Ministries.  David and Amy are TRUE faith heroes!

They are wonderful examples of people who truly live out loving The ONE and loving the one in Jackson, MS and around the world.

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